Sunday, July 9, 2017

Happy late fourth of July

   I'm getting pretty lazy with my posts. I think the days are going faster then I can draw, or maybe its just me in general. I know it seems late to say this, but happy late fourth of July everyone and thanks for the support. My bad if my posts are really late at times I'm doing college work a lot of times along with chores at home. I'm studying to be a bio-technician this time, so my degree has changed, but my determination is still high. Won't say much after that unless your more interested you can leave a comment if you like.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Snake and a minister

To start of January here are three characters I made for anyone to use for an RPG or something cool. The large bandit is edited to look different a bit. A snake buckler and my past sleep minister logo character with a bit of power. Pretty cool yes no?
             ACH       ACH
Use the blank background to an advantage.
Thank you and see you next time.

Interesting Year

       I feel this year might be an interesting one, because its only been about a month and a lot is going on in the United States with the whole president thing and stuffs.

       In January you may have also notice a lack of posts. Man am I lazy sorry for the delay I forget a lot of times and my life problem is that I want to remember the things I forget.  I'll try to do better on my publishing and remembering that this site is more then an internet cobweb collector.

      Though I did sign up to a cool college during my time. Been preparing for that for a while and playing some games that are rare to find. Lastly I used to be at ITT-Technical institute studying for a degree in networking, but the school along with ITT closed down. That's terrible on my part so you don't have to know a whole lot about that unless you look in to it yourself or if you want to know you can ask me anytime.

Thank you for your support and have and wonderful day. Comment if you wish if not that's okay.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Golash Christmas

Hi hi. Been a long Christmas month and with that not much comics and art has been has been posted...dang. I was drawing this as an experiment and not made to look perfect. The next one will be in the morning. Thank you for your patience and I will see you next time.


Friday, November 11, 2016


I found one of my old art piece file of the cowboy art piece I made. The Macaron Dill Comic might come a little late today, because of social life issues sorry about that, but I would like to let you guys know. I'll be back and comment if you like. Thank you